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BE PREPARED in all things!!!
Along with financial fitness, we now offer First Aid/CPR/AED training.
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Get our Debt Elimination Book

In our debt elimination book, '7 Steps to Eliminate Your Debt', we will show you how we paid off over $50,000 of debt, doubled our giving to charity, paid cash for a car, and put money in the bank, without selling the kids. Your employees, civic group, charity, or church can truly benefit from our Sense and Money Seminars/Workshops! You can apply each step directly to your personal finances. Regardless of your income or the amount of debt you have, the principles of money are the same for everyone. Let us show you how to put common sense back into your finances!
7 Steps to Eliminate Your Debt

How we paid off over $50,000 of debt in two and half years, paid cash for a newer car, and were able to double our giving to charity!

This 7 step plan will take you from the bondage of debt to real financial peace. Discover how to earn all you can, save all you can, and give all you can!

Available for Ereaders, PC, or Mac. Just $2.99
Be a Ventriloquist for Fun or Profit!

Learn the techniques to becoming a real Ventriloquist in no time! Discover the illusion of 'throwing you voice'. How to choose a puppet and develop dozens of routines for the office, school or social events.

Great for teachers, pubic speakers, and kids!

Available for Ereaders, PC, or Mac. Just $2.99
God's Church, God's Debt?

Jst because you have a mortgage on your house
 does not mean that God wants one on His.

A must read for every pastor, church leader, and congregation
 that wants to break the bondage of church debt.

Available for Ereaders, PC, or Mac. Just $2.99
Common Sense Solutions - Workshops and Seminars

Don't spend hundreds of dollars to attend weeks of seminars at your church or civic group. We skip the hype and provide you with all the materials at a fraction of the cost. We will share with your folks how we eliminated our debt and provide you with all the material that you can copy and distribute. See our 'Services Page', or Contact us today for more information!
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